How to water house plants for beginners

Every living thing needs water, including your house plants. Some houseplants need to get water frequently and keep the soil moist. Other plants like succulents need water more sparingly but still like to get thoroughly drenched. There are a few different ways to water plants that I’ve tried over the years. This is a list of how to water house plants depending on your plant.


This one is most likely what you’re most familiar with and that’s just pouring the water over the medium. It doesn’t get much simpler  than that. This is a fine way to water your house plants if you’re doing it right. You need to make sure you are getting all the medium inside the pot fully saturated with water. Pour some water over the top covering the soil, but not overflowing, wait for it to absorb and repeat. Keep going until you see water drip out the bottom and all the soil inside the pot is saturated with water.


Butt chugging, also known as bottom watering, is perfect for succulents, or really dried out plants. If your soil is super dry, pour over watering wont suffice. The water wont be able to penetrate the center of the root mass, so you need to bottom water. All you have to do is set the plant, pot and all, in a container of water. This is great for watering multiple succulents at once by setting them on a container of an inch or two of water. Leave the plant in there for 15-20 minutes or until its done sucking up water. Let it drip dry for a moment before putting it back in its home to reduce the chance of mess.

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This might be an idea you haven’t heard before. Water wicking is ideal for when you’re going on vacation or not going to be around to care for your plants for an extended amount of time. There’s a product called a hydro spike that acts like a straw that you stick in your plant and the other end in container of water. As the soil dries it sucks water up the tube and into the plant. Another way to wick water into your plant is with a string like help cord or jute. Place one end of the string a few inches in the soil and the other end in a glass of water. Make sure the water is placed lower than the plant, allowing the plant to wick the water up as it needs it, and now forcing water down onto the plant.


I know I’ve been saying that watering plants is easy, but this one is one of the easiest. Some plants are big and require a lot of water and that can get messy. A way I figured out to make it as clean as possible is by watering with repurposed bottles (wine bottles work best in my opinion). Using a clean glass bottle, fill with water place it a inch or two into the soil. Place the bottle in at a 45degree angle and slowly the water will trickle out. Some soil will go into the neck on the bottle when pushing it working almost as a cork. You have to be quick when you flip the bottle into the plant, but making a small well with your hands before makes it a bit easier. For large plants I will keep filling the bottles and replacing until I start to see water come out the bottom into the saucer.

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