Hand behind Monstera Borgisiana leaf

Top houseplants to decorate with.

During these times in isolation we keep trying to surround yourself with life. One of the best forms of life are ones that can’t leave you like plants. As long as you can give them the environment to survive then you’re in the clear. Here’s a list of my top 5 houseplants to decorate with.

Holiday Cactus

One of my favorite plants to decorate with is the holiday cactus. This one life I’ve mentioned before is very hardy but also gives a pop of colors with blooms you don’t see on many plants this easy to care for. Also it doesn’t matter where you put this plant because it is non-toxic to pets. When the leaves start to wilt, that means it’s time to water and is very forgiving to drought. Though this plant may be harder to find most of the year, they grow in popularity around the holidays, since that’s when they bloom their colorful firework-like flowers. They make a great gift for someone during the holidays, but right after they tend to drop in price and you can get them for real cheap.

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If you’re looking for a houseplant that can easily consume a room, try checking out the pothos, also called the Devil’s Ivy. These are one of the most abundant, and common houseplants to decorate with. Coming in a wide range of variegation, you have a variety to choose from. With the high availability for this houseplant, you can find them relatively inexpensive. The leaves on these droop when they need water and are easy to read. They also do well in lower light, but brighter light will bring out more variegation. These plants look gorgeous up high hanging from the ceiling or on a bookshelf, which is good because they are toxic to pets.

Hand behind Monstera Borgisiana leaf
Monstera Borsigiana leaf


The Monstera is a houseplant notorious for decorating with. If you spend any time on Instagram or Pinterest you know exactly what a Monstera looks like. The one you’re probably most familiar with is the Monstera Deliciosa, but there is also the Monstera Borsigiana. Though the Borsigiana doesn’t grow the famously large leaves, the plant grows very quickly, thus easier to find in stores. The Monstera is the perfect statement houseplant in almost any room, because it is toxic to pets. This houseplant takes a bit more time and attention, so some skill may be required to keep thriving. Overall beautiful plant and I understand what the hype is about.

Zz Plant

Small Zz houseplant in terracotta pot
Zz plant

One of the most aesthetically pleasing plants on this list is the Zz plant. This is another hardy, beautiful plant that will survive in almost any condition. Their long stalks and thick leaves hold water, so you don’t have to water too often. I water mine when the pot starts to feel light. These plants are perfect for any bedroom or living room and don’t grow out of their spots too fast. They are a beautiful houseplant to decorate with, and because of that I feel they are very quickly to get purchased. If you see one of the shelf at your local grocery store, don’t debate about it, buy it because you don’t know if it’ll be there next time. Though these plants are a fan favorite, its toxic to pets so they may not be a fan.

Snake Plant

The snake plant has always been that iconic houseplants to decorate with. I remember looking at a picture of my grandmas first apartment and she had a snake plant. There’s a reason they stayed in the limelight, and that’s because they are very easy to care for and come in all sizes. Unfortunately this plant won’t be loved by everyone since it is toxic to pets.

Check out ASPCA’s printable list for toxic plant for cats and dogs: Click here for Cats, Click here for dogs

I hope you enjoyed my list of my top houseplants to decorate with. If you have any additions you want to add to this list I’d love to hear it.

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