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5 Things to stop wasting to be more eco friendly

Hello! Over the past couple months I’ve been following more eco friendly tips and trying to be conscious of what I bring into my possession and what I take out. Bringing in only things that make me happy while making sure I’m not littering the earth with items I deem invaluable. When buying something I like to look for something that I can get over one use out of. Here some eco friendly tips and a few items I already had in my home, stopped throwing away and found a great second purpose for.

Glass jars

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I find a purpose for just about every empty glass jar that I come across. Old pasta sauce jars and jam jars work great for storage if they have a lid, if not they still make perfect drinking glasses. Glass jars like this are usually thicker so they don’t tend to break in my dishwasher unlike cheap wine glasses. They also come in countless shapes and sizes, so you always keep your guests on their toes about what they will be drinking out of next.

Other ways to reduce waste!

Burnt out candles

This is along the same lines as the glass jars, but reusing your old candles does the same trick but with a little more style. There are various ways to get the remaining candle wax out of the container when you’re through with it, but my favorite way is to SAFELY pour boiling water into the jar and let the wax to melt, then wait for it to cool and solidify at the top for easy removal. An empty candle jar from TJMAXX with cotton balls in it on your bathroom counter looks a little better than an old peanut butter jar in my opinion.

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Shipping boxes

I’m not going to lie, I do a lot of online shopping. One thing that comes with that are tones of cardboard boxes. I see plenty of people throwing their boxes out and recycling them, which don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they’re recycling them, but I find the boxes are very handy. When I get a box that’s obviously been through the ringer I don’t hold on to it, but, the ones that are still in decent condition have a special place in my home. If you’re storing items in a dry area where you’re not concerned about bugs or the items aren’t too sensitive, then ‘free’ cardboard boxes beats expensive plastic totes any day.

Wine bottles

If you’re like me and just about any other mid 20-something then you might have the occasional glass… or bottle of wine. I used to hold onto old wine bottles and after I would clean them out and remove the label, I would stick them in a cardboard box in my garage. I thought they were too useful to throw away! That was until I saw someone on Facebook talking about BUYING empty wine bottles for crafts were expensive. No problem! I have a dozen I’ll sell to you for $10. This goes along with empty liquor bottles and soda bottles, you can stop using them as decorations like you did in college and get some cash for them.

Try checking on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for potential buyers of your empties. 

Food scraps

One thing that comes with buying fresh veggies is the scraps that come along with it. I used to collect them in a bowl as I cooked and then into the trash it went once I was through. Well, I recently stopped throwing them out and trying out growing veggies out of my scraps. This will take some time and most likely won’t get any veggies from it anytime soon, but it is entertaining. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it sooner since I have so many houseplants. Every little bit helps when trying to be more self consious and eco friendly.

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