How to celebrate 2020 pride from home.

While Covid-19 may have skewed some 2020 summer plans including 2020 pride. There are still ways that you can still celebrate from home. With the current Black Lives Matter moment taking place, it’s important to help project the voices that have been silenced for far too long. You aren’t a true supporter of the LGBT+ community if you don’t support the black members that helped make it what it is today.


Donations no matter how small can so a long way. While donating money is an amazing way to help a movement and the people in it, make sure you give your money to the right people. There are plenty of accounts taking donations for BLM and George Floyd that aren’t actually donating all the money they claim. Do your research and make sure you’re donating to a credible charity and try to give your money straight to the source rather than going through a middleman. Putting 100% of your money to use is way better than 60% but even that is better than nothing. You can donate to the BLM global network through ActBlue that only takes a 3.95% processing fee, as well as.

Sign petitions

Something free that anyone can do this 2020 pride is sign petitions. Once you sign up on and input your information, you can start signing petitions within a few clicks. It’s a simple no-brainer way to help make a difference. Spread awareness to causes that may not be getting the attention it deserves. Though makes it look real tempting and easy to donate money to the causes you just signed petitions for, not all the money goes to the cause. There is a fee, as well as a payment platform fee. For $10 only $8.91 goes to the cause and though that doesn’t sound like much of a difference it all adds up over time.


This is another free option and arguably one of the largest impacts; showing up and protesting. Take this one at your own risk depending on your own physical capabilities and region you’re protesting in. Your health and safety are important,. While it is important to show in numbers and to amplify the voices around you, don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Be prepared for what you’re walking into. In a city with police in riot gear and tear gas, prepared for that. You may go there for a peaceful protest, many of the police are showing up otherwise. You can find local Black Lives Matters chapters near you to better help your local community.

While all of these are incredible and helping future generations, nothing is as important as education. As a white person can do everything I can to understand racism in America, I will never fully understand. What I can do though is listen to the voices of people who live in it. The 13th is a Documentary on Netflix that goes in depth about racial inequality in the American prison systems. White Fragility by Robin Diangelo is a great read and helps you rethink racism on more of a spectrum rather than racist and not-racist. If you’re looking for a podcast, there’s 1619 by The New York Times hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones talks about how America was formed by the help of slaves and how it’s changed since then.

It was becuse of the black and latino LGBT+ community that helped give us pride. You cannot be supportive of the LGBT+ community if you don’t respect the black lives in the community. When you say you support LGBT+ and not BLM, that only means you are racist and you are not welcome in the gay community. Be supportive this 2020 pride and show up for all members. 

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