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5 simple ways to reduce waste

There are also a lot of resources on our planet that don’t get used to its fullest potential. We’re taught early on to reduce, reuse and recycle. Most people have a good grip on the recycle part and we’re starting to make some progress on reusing items. It’s difficult to learn how to incorporate something new into your lifestyle and staying conscious of it. Especially for helping something as large as the environment when you are only one person. Here are 5 simple ways you can help reduce waste.

We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.

Terry Swearingen, Nurse & Winner of Goldman Environmental Prize in 1997

Reuse glass jars


The first thing you can start doing to help cut down on your waste is to repurpose old glass jars. They are great to reuse for many purposes. You can use old jam jars or jars from pasta sauce to store your dry goods like beans and rice. Pickle jars are a substantial size to use all around your house. Old candles are one of my favorites to reuse. Knowing the jar will be around after the candle is all burnt up, makes it easy to talk myself into buying it at TJ Maxx.

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Buy a safety razor

About 6 months ago I invested in a safety razor. I was all out of my normal razors one day and instead getting another plastic handle and disposable razors for $10, I shelled out a few more bucks and got a safety razor. I plan on having around for years to come so it’s worth the investment. I’ve also been using shaving balm and a brush to whip it up instead of from a can and for $10 for a 150g jar you really get your money’s worth, it really lasts you forever.

Invest in durable clothes

Just like how you want a razor that will last you years with constant use, hold up the same standards with your clothes and furniture. Stop wasting money on cheap clothes and clearance coffee tables from Target and splurge a little more on an article that will last and you’ll appreciate. Don’t just settle on a quick side table because you need to fill a space and it’s on sale, find one that you really want and that you know you won’t get bored with.

Buy a french press

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Switch to a french press or a pour over coffee maker. You wouldn’t normally think of something like this. And don’t worry you don’t need experience being a Starbucks bariesta to make your coffee in the morning. I prefer a french press because I’m able to make a couple cups of coffee with ease. All you need is to boil water or use an electric kettle. With a pour over coffee maker you will need to purchase reuseable liners to make sure the grounds don’t get into your coffee.

Stop purchasing plastic

As I mentioned before, we’re taught to reduce, reuse and recycle. Now it’s time to talk about reducing how much you purchase plastic. This is opting out for certain purchases because of the impact that it makes on the environment, buying glass tupperware over plastic and bringing a cloth tote bag to the grocery store. I understand that this isn’t possible for everyone depending on where you’re located and your specific needs. Not to mention that wealth class and discrimination plays a large role in how we are treated and what we expect with the quality of life. Not just to reduce waste but life as well is a separate and personal journey we are all on, we all have different hurdles and end goals.

I hope you enjoyed a short list of ways to reduce waste. Of course I don’t want anyone to read this, throw out their perfectly fine razors or clothes to buy a better quality. Opt for the better quality once you used up what you already have. Also not everything is going to be so black and white about what is sustainable and you have to decide between the better of the two evils.

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