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How to thoroughly wash your produce.

So you’re being healthy and you bought some produce from the grocery store. Okay, cool. You take it home and put it in your fridge. I mean, okay, why not? It sits in there for a few days before you get to use it but you rinse it off you’re in the clear. Uh no, Bitch it’s 2020 you got to be washing your produce. There is a pandemic happening right now and people need to be washing their hands and everything they bring into their homes. The way I prefer to wash my produce is with castile soap and this is how I do it.

Once you are home with your greens first thing you need to do is get a basin of water. I use cold water because if you soak your fresh lettuce in some hot water the police will come busting down your door. A clean kitchen sink is a good basin to do this in, but a pot always works too.

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To this water you will add a few dashes of castile soap, I recommend the unscented for food. The water should turn a cloudy color, and that’s when you add your produce. If it foams up on top of the water just stir it in. I usually let my fruits and veggies sit in there for about 15-30 minutes depending if I forget about it. I do this before I put it in my fridge and start letting them soak before I put the rest of my groceries away.

Castile soap mixed with equal parts water in a foaming hand soap container, foams up. Perfect for washing cans before you use them or washing your hands. Use scented castile soap to jazz it up a little.

After letting the veggies soak, I pull them out one by one to give them a good rinse. You should feel any soapy residue rinse away after a few seconds. I examine all my produce for any dirt or pests before putting it on a towel to drip dry.

Once all my produce is cleaned up, I put it in reuseable containers and store it in my fridge. I like to wash my produce before it goes in the fridge to keep that as clean as possible. I also like to use glass containers when possible compared to plastic. If you have plastic that’s totally fine keep using it, but once it breaks or needs to be replaced, opt for a glass container. I got mine at my local dollar store and though it has silicone lids, they’re very durable and looks like they will last awhile.

I also like to wipe down the inside of my fridge with foaming castile soap to clean everything up and then finishing it by wiping it down with a splash of vinegar. Letting it all dry before putting in my produce.

I don’t clean my fridge every time I add produce to it but it’s something I like to do from time to time with my produce drawers just to make sure there isn’t any bacteria or any nasties in there.

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