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Is a safety razor worth the investment?

 willI’ve been interested in trying out a safety razor for a while after learning about it one day while in a YouTube hole watching zero waste swaps. After comparing the price to get stared with an entire shaving set with safety razor, shaving balm, brush and bowl compared to a can or shaving cream and Gillette razors I wondered if there was a reason we started with disposable razors. Does a higher price point equal a better shave?

After doing some research I went with the Weishi butterfly open long handle razor ($22.66) because it came in rainbow. I tried out the razor first with the gel shaving cream I have been using to see how it compared. But later I purchased the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap and Perfecto shaving brush. While on amazon I saw a lot of metal shaving bowls but I read ceramic is best at holding heat, and I already had an oversized mug on hand like most people do.


Aside from the cost and making ordering razors and yearly task instead of monthly, it’s better for the planet. Think about how many razor handles and heads you go through a year, and in a lifetime. Also, it doesn’t make it any easier to accidentally cut yourself. It’s heavier but the two blades on each side comes in handy along with being able to thoroughly rinse out our blade while shaving. Sometimes it’s a minute between shavings and this blade gunks up slower than plastic razors do, but then you just take the blade or just loosen it up under the water and bam, it’s like you got a new razor.


Most disposable razors has some type of cooling strip, this doesn’t. The head doesn’t swivel so going around areas like the jaw, chin and neck can get a little tricky. The solution to this is to just take short strokes. If you’re using the shaving soap, it can dry up and get flakey if it’s thin. Maybe that’s just user error but you can always add more water.

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For the shaving soap I’ve been using I got Tylor of Old Bondstreet Sandalwood ($15.48) and through I don’t love the smell, I don’t hate it. It kinda smells like a manly grandma if that makes sense but I’m into it. A big perk is a little goes such a long way. You just need to get the tips of a damp brush coated. I got this hoping for maybe a years use, but after 2 months I’m sure it will be around past the year mark. One thing I would change about the company is the packaging. If I’m paying for such a product I would like a metal container than a cheap plastic. As for the brush I’ve been using the Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush ($14.89), a few hairs fall out now and again, but nothing I didn’t already expect.

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Overall I’d say this is a switch people should definitely make. It turned my shaving routine into a shaving experience. It takes a little extra time and care. But I believe it’s nice investing that time in myself for a more premium feeling. I would like to see options for reusable metal handles and blades on store shelves for easy accessibility. That may depend on your area, but I haven’t been able to find them.

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