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How I set the mood to forget the world.

Sometimes you just want to get away to your secluded little cabin in the middle of the mountains surrounded by wildlife and sip some coffee while reading your favorite book next to a cozy fire. Sadly for just about everyone this is impractical and you don’t have a cute little off the grid cabin away from all civilization high up in the mountains. You probably like me feels like you don’t even have a room in your home that you could cozy up in with a good book. Well, I’ve been trying to make things perfect since I’ve been stuck inside with the coronavirus pandemic and these are some of the way’s I’ve set the mood and made my space more barrable.

Have a special playlist

I like to have a playlist I only listen to when I want to grind away at a book or do some writing. Personally, I don’t like any lyrics to impede my thoughts. Smooth coffee shop jazz usually helps get the juices flowing. Again, I only listen to this when I’m reading or writing to help my brain associate it. Now naturally when I hear jazz music I want to pick up a book.

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Set the ambiance

If this means sitting by a fire, dimming the lights, or lighting a candle. These are just some easy examples, but the options are endless. Not everyone has a fire, but good thing there are videos on YouTube of fireplaces. Put it on your tv or laptop and turn up the volume to hear some crackle and help create some dimension with the music you’re playing. Lighting a candle to have some flickering light in the corner of your eye is always a nice touch.

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Turn off my phone

My phone is my #1 distraction, I don’t even notice when I pick it up. Putting your phone on do not disturb mode is always an option. Or you can always download time management apps to remind you to put your phone down. The one I’ve been using for a while now is the Forest App. This app costs $1.99 (not sponsored), but with user-friendly interface and eye-catching design it’s well worth it. I use not only this when I’m trying to work or read, I also like to use it when I’m trying to go to bed. And why not plant some trees while you’re getting your work done.

You may not live in a peaceful little cabin in the woods surrounded by wildlife, but this is pretty damn close. Let me know below if there’s any special rituals you do to crank out some work!

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