20 books in 2020

So I have a terrible habit of saying that reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a book. Well in 2020 I plan on changing all of that with the goal to read 20 books. Breaking that down it comes to a book about every two weeks. 

I’m kicking this off with my first book The Troop by Nick Cutter.

The Troop was incredibly graphic and unsettling in all the best ways. It was like a saw movie but all in writing. I never thought a book could make me so queasy. This is a book I would definitely like to re-read in the future. It seems like a perfect book to pick up around the fall.

The character development with the turns makes it hard to put down and even harder to guess what’s going to happen next. Definitely a Syfy book worth reading around Halloween. It was like The Lord of the Flies but more of a nightmare. 

Overall I’m excited to read The Deep by Nick Cutter for my next book and see what his other pieces are like. Hopefully find similar authors and read their work. 

Another reason I’m looking forward to setting time aside to read again is to increase my reading speed. I’ve noticed lately that when I read it can be difficult to retain the information, but hopefully all this changes.

Like always, I’m buying all the books I’m reading this year second hand. I’m buying them from online retailers as well as local vendors. I highly recommend buying anything you can second hand. It helps our planet and you in return. One of the biggest online retailers for second hand books is, other than that buying your books from a local shop is an amazing idea.