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How I take care of myself

This time of year can start to get pretty intimidating for most people. I always try to make it a priority to take care of myself and my mental health. These are some of the ways that I’ve been able to keep my cool during the hectic holiday season.

Try something new

The plan is that you have something new to distract yourself and entertain yourself when you just feel like you can’t go on. One I actually started back in September with the plan to let it carry me throughout the winter and that is reading. So far I’ve been able to read 6 books in the past 3 months by reading a couple nights a week instead of sitting on my phone while Netflix plays in the background. Libby is a free app that connects to your library card and you’re able to get free ebooks and audio books on your phone and Kindle, also Thriftbooks is a great site to get secondhand books for cheap.


Listen I hate it too but its good for you. It doesn’t have to be anything intense like going to the gym for 6 hours a day. Start small, you’d be surprised how much those beginner yoga videos on youtube will kick your ass. I noticed that when I do some type of physical exercise I tend to eat better with it. It’s like I already did one healthy thing so it makes it easier to do another healthy thing. I’m not quite sure but eh no complaints.

You need you time

You need to recognize when you’ve done a lot. Know when to give yourself a break. If you just went shopping for everyone and their brother after a full day’s work and you’re feet are tired, take a fucking bath and enjoy that shit. Nobody is going to say anything to you for taking care of yourself. And if they do fuck them. You are you’re own person and you have to remember to put yourself at the top of your priorities list sometimes. It doesn’t have to be a bath if that’s not your thing. Sometimes reading or exercising might be your thing. But there’s always countless things you know you can do to relieve some tension.

These were a couple thing I do that help make me feel better. Let me know if you do anything similar or have anything to add to this list. Happy holidays!

Grant 💖

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